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Dear friends,

If you like to view the contents of the website, you will need to be registered on this WIKI. By registering, you will belong to the club of "Friends of the International Bugatti Register". Feel proud of this, and do not misuse your friendship.

Best regards,

Herman Brouwer (editor)


Some short guidelines: If data is not clear, it can be discussed on the forum, section "WIKI discussions". See:

If you remove some important data (because the data is not correct) please leave a note in the "talk" section of the affected page. That way other contributors can see why the data has been deleted. This prevents arguments.

Legend of terminology used on this WIKI. These terms are used in all Bugatti Registers.

Template for chassis numbers Please try and use this template, so all info is uniform, and no info is missing.

This template contains basicly the same info as other Bugatti Registers, extended where possible.